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About the Healing Clinic

Established in 1997, the A & B Healing Clinic was Toronto's first natural treatment clinic specializing in Naturopathy, Iridology, Homeopathy, and Nutrional Counselling. The practice has since expanded to also include Acupuncure, Sclerology, Herbology, Foot Care, and Animal Homeopathy treatment.

The clinic treats patients who suffer from a variety of conditions including joint problems, circulation, postural issues arising from, for example, work practices or pregnancy, minor sports injuries and provide advice on posture and exercise to prevent recurrence. We are however not a walk in clinic and only accept clients through referrals.We have built a reputation for accepting and healing patients that Hospitals and General Practitioners have been unable to diagnose and treat.

Our patient appointments typically take two hours. Wherever possible, we treat patients without using drugs or invasive therapies, preferring to promote the body's natural healing mechanisms.

We pride ourselves on our friendly and consultative approach to patients and the breadth of experience we have in the practice.

About the College

Established in 2006, the A & B College prepares graduates to open their own practice in a variety of specialities in the field of natural medicine. Few colleges of our size offer the range of courses we have, from Iridology to Sclerology, Homeopathy to Acupuncture, and from North American Herbal studies to Traditional Chinese Medicine. Our relatively small class sizes insure that every student gains significant individual attention and mentoring from our experienced faculty. We stress collaborative learning, individual intellectual development, and practical hands on experience, because we believe that these activities enable our graduates to be effective and successful in their professional careers.

For more information about our current courses, please contact our head office at 416-661-6861.